Why pant style diaper?

What is so special about a pant style diaper ? While it is a traditional pattern to use the sticker type pattern for your baby’s diaper, pant style is much comfortable and easy feel for the little user too. It is a very known fact that pant style is the much easy diaper style for a toddler who can stand and walk. But, the hidden advantages of using pant style diapers is that, there is no leakage  on the sides while it is a pant style. Easy tear options makes it trouble free for diaper changing time. And in pampers, the soft and sensitive cotton layers makes it the best and comfortable. So, which parent would not choose pampers pant style diaper for their little one ? Ofcourse we want to see our child rewarding us back with that comfortable smile expressing the happiness of a trouble free diaper right ?


Why is Pampers premium?

Do you know why mothers are very particular about using the right diaper for the child ? It is not just the mother instinct. It also carries an emotional reason. Every woman uses her sanitary napkins on monthly basis and she knows how important is the quality of such products. While it might cause sever skin problems for a well developed adult, imagine how soft and sensitive would it be for a baby’s skin ? And thats precisely why every mother – every woman choose pampers (right from new born) for her dear baby. There is no thought of a compromise when it comes to parenting!


I had written my first post about tips maintaining my baby’s skin here : Baby’s skin, here goes my second blog which has tips to maintain the kid’s skin.

A child is always a baby to the mother. So, how do I pay attention to my 6 yr old son’s skin? They play , run and sweat around during this stage , so here are few tips to ensure the skin is maintained soft throughout.

  1. Wash away the sweat !  When the child comes back from play time, it 891-1is important to wash away the sweat immediately before it penetrates into the skin.
  2. Dont rub dry, always pat dry
  3. Apply moisturiser not on very dry skin, but immediately after wash when skin is damp
  4. Use safe products, not hard ones that is to be used for adults.
  5. Though, there are many baby safe perfumes, it is always best to avoid them and allow natural fragrance to take care .

Remember, at early stages , Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”  

So, what else will be important to a mother than her baby care ? Lets rock !

Soft.. Softer… Softest is a baby’s skin

We often hear the statement “as soft as a baby’s skin” , yes ! baby’s skin is very sensitive , soft and to be handled with care. There can be n number of tips and products to keep your baby’s skin soft.

Wait ! Why to make the skin which is already soft, softer ? So, all we have to do is protect the skin with lots of care. Being a mom of 2 kids, let me share simple 5 tips from my end to keep your baby’s skin soft

891-1Magic is water : Baby’s do not go out in pollution, they dont play in sand so early or get their skin dirty the hard way. But, do not forget the fact that, babies spill milk , saliva which spreads over the face, runs to the ears if they are lying down. We generally wipe with a soft towel, which clears it but leaves the skin sticky. This is the same state with cloth nappies also. So, wash the area with water atleast thrice or more, incase it is a cold weather, make it atleast twice to clean the sticky parts.

Wonderful invention : The best product made to give freedom to a baby’s wet nappy is “diaper”. Diaper keeps the skin dry. Babies get the peaceful deep sleep because of diapers, however diaper care is very important, else this might cause infection for the baby. Maximum time to keep the diaper on is 2 to 3 hours. If the diaper is soiled, then it is highly recommended to change diaper immediately. Big-pampers-diapers-s46-up-to-8-kg Always use the best and branded product like pampers for your baby’s soft skin. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ” 

Teddy and laundry

Fabric Etiquettes : Any parent will be all excited to wear many new dresses for their little one, however it is always better to wash the new dress once with plain water before use so that the chemical coating if any or any dirt 2ac244e8ca85b8c59a81f55c65a951d3

Know the balance : Babies getting redness or rashes is quite normal and reason cannot be easily spotted. Applying small amount of lotions or creams helps to keep the baby relaxed. However, overdoing the creams and lotions are also not advisable. As all paediatricians say, best thing that we can do to a baby’s skin is not troubling it with too many products.

 Hand-SanitizersCleanliness : Adding to the above skin care, it is always best if we , adults (who play, lift, cuddle the baby ) are also keeping our hands and skin neat, using sanitiser or washing hands before playing with baby is a hygienic habit.

So, there is no special struggle to make the baby’s skin softer as it is the softest on Earth. All we have to do is be more gentle with lots of love and care. Happy Parenting ! 🙂


Time was 8.30 PM. Ahil and Neha are completely excited, tensed and feeling this for the first time. Inspite of being love marriage, they respected the culture and never made love at any instance. Today is the first night they are staying as husband and wife. With all the license and rights, once they entered the room Ahil gave his first romantic husband hug. Neha turned pink and her head bent down as the effect of natural flow of hormones. For the next few minutes, their clothes bid good bye step by step, sweat won the AC chillness and they were experiencing the jasmine fragrance, sweat bath, AC cooling and self tuned musical voice together. They became artist with their nails as pen and back as blackboard. When it was ‘THE’ time, Ahil had to get reminded of being safe and went inside the bathroom to get ready. With all emotions on peak, he got ready as quick as possible and came back to her with the manly look. Neha was lying on the bed, showing the art of her back. Ahil gave a tickling pinch to turn her. She did not react. He could not control, he just twisted and turned her to front and was shocked to see the knife stabbed on her stomach with blood oozing. It is not an easy moment for anyone. Ahil was almost dead to see this. His eyes popped out and he was broken into pieces. He noticed on the window glass, the water droplets written as “I still love you…” 
There came the endnote “Mystery love part 2 will continue… “. For the next 20 seconds, the entire movie hall was silent. Not a single audience were ready to leave the hall. Then slowly one by one, they started realizing that the movie is really over and applauded and started leaving. 

  • “I don’t know how 2 hours passed by. It was so thrilling” 
  • “I cant wait to see part 2” 
  • “Ahil finally got settled and my God ! shit.. this should not have happened ” 
  • “Can’t believe a new director took such an excellent movie”
  • “But the villain was dead and Lina also right? When will next part be released” 
  • “I haven’t experienced such a climax in any movie with such twist in emotions” 
  • “This will be a universal hit like BATMAN series, no doubt”
  • “Brilliant one” 

These comments were flowing into Sentha’s father’s ears, parallelly tears rolling down from his eyes. These five years, he never spoke to his son for a second.

 Being elder son in the family, with lots of expectations and hope, Krishnaraman struggled hard to give his son Sentha a better education. When Sentha joined Engineering college, Krishnaraman’s friends said “4 more years, all your struggle will come to and end. Sentha will start working in big IT company and he will take care of his brothers and sisters, you can take rest and focus on your health atleast now” He was smiling with pride, until Sentha told him after a year that he wants to become a movie director. After big arguments, Krishnaraman as a friend succeeded Krishnaraman as a father. He said “What ever, as you wish ! I had bigger imagination of this family’s future and thought it will be taken care by you, but I can’t force another man to fulfil my duties” and those were the last words he spoke to his son. 

Throughout these 5 years, Sentha suffered to enter and stabilize in the film industry. All financial help came via his mother. He was an irresponsible brother who could not even support his sister’s wedding. The more physically he moved away from his family, deep down, he was emotionally getting closer to them. 
Once the movie hall was empty, Sentha’s friends, junior, producer congratulating him for the work, finally Sentha slowly got his eyes to see his father. Even this eye to eye contact is happening after 5 years. His father’s eyes full of tears, he came near his son. Sentha’s hands were trembling. His father was mouthshut and that moment when both father and son touched each other’s hand and cried out, they went back to the days of their father-son relationship 25 years back, when Krishnaraman used to lift his son everywhere they go, when Sentha used to come from school , jumping and hugging his father to tell his sports day stories, when mother makes Upma, father and son used to run out silently in cycle and have poori masala from nearby canteen.. 

That moment, Sentha’s heart was not expecting the feedback for his movie from his father, that moment Krishnaraman did not want to write a review of his son’s movie. Both of them wanted to experience their special bonding that they were hiding for 5 years. The unique emotions that can be felt only by both of them, which did not require any dialogue or explanation. 

The hug and tears spoke it all. And they wiped each other’s tears, Krishnaraman with a pat on his son’s shoulders said “Come son, lets go home. Mom has prepared your favorite poori masala”. And Sentha felt as if he was joining his family back after these many years…

Bored of just reading a blog ? C’mon Let Us Create Together (CLCT 1 )

I love writing, especially in recent times have focused more on writing than talking ! But I could see the views / likes / comments only on stats of the blog, however thought of connecting all my readers and friends to a single blog thread and make it more interesting and informative…  So here is the one

We all know some general information which might be an “eyebrow raising” info to someone else ! So share such funny or true facts as a comment to this blog, let us share the “WHAT!!! ” exclamations 

So, here is my two cents –

Recently heard from a group of friends that U.S police fine you for feeding the baby in car, thats legally not allowed (thou they are not bothered about making a baby in car 😉 )surprise

(correct me if this is a wrong fact too)


(Credits to one of the genius from my office, who started similar discussion in office forum which made all of us crazy)

WTFresh : Who else !

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda.com. Are you?

All of us want to be in our 16s ? 18s ? max 20s ? not more than that right ? So there is NTR LAL garden in Hyderabad, a Telugu couple of 60s were sitting on a park bench with big distance and faces towards opposite directions, Oh thats a ‘love bird fight’ !

It might be his mistake or her mistake but there is an universal rule for this situation. HE should start the compromise , so did the 60 year male love bird uncle. He tried playing songs in his old model phone, but he missed his glasses at home so acted like searching.

Waiting for something but later realising that uncle is just managing to act, aunty’s anger increased.

Suddenly there played a music “tantenu tantenu tantenu tan tan.. DANCE ” and a boy peeped from some no where else in the park and danced !

Music repeated with same BGM “tantenu tantenu tantenu tan tan.. DANCE ” and girl next tree started dancing. Though most of them in the park realised that its a flash mob arranged then, the little old couple were confused and surprised to see whats happening around!


Aunty saw uncle with “?” in her eyes but her anger overtook her question mark. She urned her face away again. She felt his hands on her shoulders, and like all lady loves, aunty also managed not to turn for uncle’s compromise. Suddenly the hands started playing music on her shoulders as the song said “Dance basandi” and then aunty realised its not her old man.. When he turned fast , it was WOWWWWW

ALLU ARJUN , and the flash mob hero of the day was Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda ! The steps were mesmerising and lively where Anushka caught hold of uncle’s hand and Allu Arjun holded aunty’s hands for their mild steps.

Allu-Arjun-Non-Stop-Dance-for-next-movieWhole crowd of 1000 people looking at them, the love birds were very embarrassed and aunty could not control her pink cheeks, ran to uncle to hide her face.

“Areh babooi” shouted Allu, did his jump and twist and turns of magical dance and continued the performance.


That was one flash mob organised by an NGO , taking care of old age people and they had brought all old people of their shelter home to the park, without opening this surprise. Dedicating the cost to NGO, Allu and Anushka did their magic combo of dance and songs together, it was fun and lovely to watch the entire scene there…

Max Kushi, Max gaana, Max love – thats when you feel Fresh ! #MaxFreshMove