Top craziest things I have done .. A small list

sometimes when u get old , the craziest things you have done in past makes you feel fresh funny and young 🙂 btw I am not old yet but just like any opening dialogue started so…

1. Common one – Playing pranks on hostel warden, late night movie spoofs 

2.dancing on hostel dining table in the centre with all friends whistling around

3. Charlie chaplin act as a surprise treat to kids on children’s day

4. Scuba diving without knowing abcd in swimming 

5. Jumping out of the window to bunk the class when professor was teaching

6. Dancing in rain several times in life in public especially with my kid in recent years

7. L board car driving , the thriller ride experimenting on my mom, next – hit someone mild and later became friends with him on email 

8. Standing on a running bike , boyfriend driving .. Me shouting loud on a Saturday evening main road waving bye to cops
… And the list continues 😉 

I believe I will not and should not miss or stop doing these further in future too.. Hit a like if u have done such a crazy stuff in your life.. A comment mentioning the same 🙂 

C’Mon let’s make some noise 😆


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