Kaaka Muttai the movie which got NATIONAL AWARD : REVIEW

Among today’s so called “Modern” trend of movies, where short dresses are symbols of cultural growth, remix songs are named as inventions, sex might be the theme of the movie, lip lock as a major marketing strategy for the movie hit…. this one is different by being simple and true !

Yes, the camera has done magic, the artists have played so naturally, there is no glamour or unwanted sale corner in the movie, very good music. But what scored the highest is the THEME –

This story is about the life of 2 boys (brothers) from slum area, what happens when they have a pizza shop opened near their locality, they feel tempted about it, yet they can’t afford to buy one, for them pizza is something delicious and great food which is a royal treat ONLY. As little ones, how they get dreaming about it, finally, do they eat pizza or not .. is the story !


Not very magical one liner ? Yes, this is just a simple truth taken as a beautiful movie. Apart from the characters of being western, fashionable, decent, cute, extrovert, talented, great personality within us which we are focusing to bring out each day, this movie will touch the little human being inside us, a feel good movie.. for the good person inside you…

Kudos to the entire team for the thought ! HATS OFF ! Viewers – its an experience , dont miss it !


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