Why pant style diaper?

What is so special about a pant style diaper ? While it is a traditional pattern to use the sticker type pattern for your baby’s diaper, pant style is much comfortable and easy feel for the little user too. It is a very known fact that pant style is the much easy diaper style for a toddler who can stand and walk. But, the hidden advantages of using pant style diapers is that, there is no leakage  on the sides while it is a pant style. Easy tear options makes it trouble free for diaper changing time. And in pampers, the soft and sensitive cotton layers makes it the best and comfortable. So, which parent would not choose pampers pant style diaper for their little one ? Ofcourse we want to see our child rewarding us back with that comfortable smile expressing the happiness of a trouble free diaper right ?


Why is Pampers premium?

Do you know why mothers are very particular about using the right diaper for the child ? It is not just the mother instinct. It also carries an emotional reason. Every woman uses her sanitary napkins on monthly basis and she knows how important is the quality of such products. While it might cause sever skin problems for a well developed adult, imagine how soft and sensitive would it be for a baby’s skin ? And thats precisely why every mother – every woman choose pampers (right from new born) for her dear baby. There is no thought of a compromise when it comes to parenting!


I had written my first post about tips maintaining my baby’s skin here : Baby’s skin, here goes my second blog which has tips to maintain the kid’s skin.

A child is always a baby to the mother. So, how do I pay attention to my 6 yr old son’s skin? They play , run and sweat around during this stage , so here are few tips to ensure the skin is maintained soft throughout.

  1. Wash away the sweat !  When the child comes back from play time, it 891-1is important to wash away the sweat immediately before it penetrates into the skin.
  2. Dont rub dry, always pat dry
  3. Apply moisturiser not on very dry skin, but immediately after wash when skin is damp
  4. Use safe products, not hard ones that is to be used for adults.
  5. Though, there are many baby safe perfumes, it is always best to avoid them and allow natural fragrance to take care .

Remember, at early stages , Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”  

So, what else will be important to a mother than her baby care ? Lets rock !

Top craziest things I have done .. A small list

sometimes when u get old , the craziest things you have done in past makes you feel fresh funny and young 🙂 btw I am not old yet but just like any opening dialogue started so…

1. Common one – Playing pranks on hostel warden, late night movie spoofs 

2.dancing on hostel dining table in the centre with all friends whistling around

3. Charlie chaplin act as a surprise treat to kids on children’s day

4. Scuba diving without knowing abcd in swimming 

5. Jumping out of the window to bunk the class when professor was teaching

6. Dancing in rain several times in life in public especially with my kid in recent years

7. L board car driving , the thriller ride experimenting on my mom, next – hit someone mild and later became friends with him on email 

8. Standing on a running bike , boyfriend driving .. Me shouting loud on a Saturday evening main road waving bye to cops
… And the list continues 😉 

I believe I will not and should not miss or stop doing these further in future too.. Hit a like if u have done such a crazy stuff in your life.. A comment mentioning the same 🙂 

C’Mon let’s make some noise 😆

Oh God why dint u save me ?

That was a busy traffic day.. Just like any normal Indian road, there were idiotic drivers and insane pedestrians not focusing on traffic signals. 

I saw one gentleman all ready for his office Monday driving with common sense … Until he crossed the temple road.. For ten seconds he forgot the traffic and turned right to get the view of Lord Balaji closed his eyes and went deep into devotional world – just 10 secs ! 

Oops .. Certain things in life is neutral irrespective of reason behind ! 11th second a mad lorry hit his two wheeler and he was bleeding with a crowd and ambulance ring . What striked me next second was to follow my traffic signal and stop starring… 

Oh lord ! Why don’t u give your devotees the bliss of differentiating devotion and superstitious belief ?? Why ?!