I had written my first post about tips maintaining my baby’s skin here : Baby’s skin, here goes my second blog which has tips to maintain the kid’s skin.

A child is always a baby to the mother. So, how do I pay attention to my 6 yr old son’s skin? They play , run and sweat around during this stage , so here are few tips to ensure the skin is maintained soft throughout.

  1. Wash away the sweat !  When the child comes back from play time, it 891-1is important to wash away the sweat immediately before it penetrates into the skin.
  2. Dont rub dry, always pat dry
  3. Apply moisturiser not on very dry skin, but immediately after wash when skin is damp
  4. Use safe products, not hard ones that is to be used for adults.
  5. Though, there are many baby safe perfumes, it is always best to avoid them and allow natural fragrance to take care .

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So, what else will be important to a mother than her baby care ? Lets rock !