Bored of just reading a blog ? C’mon Let Us Create Together (CLCT 1 )

I love writing, especially in recent times have focused more on writing than talking ! But I could see the views / likes / comments only on stats of the blog, however thought of connecting all my readers and friends to a single blog thread and make it more interesting and informative…  So here is the one

We all know some general information which might be an “eyebrow raising” info to someone else ! So share such funny or true facts as a comment to this blog, let us share the “WHAT!!! ” exclamations 

So, here is my two cents –

Recently heard from a group of friends that U.S police fine you for feeding the baby in car, thats legally not allowed (thou they are not bothered about making a baby in car 😉 )surprise

(correct me if this is a wrong fact too)


(Credits to one of the genius from my office, who started similar discussion in office forum which made all of us crazy)


Between Gen X and Gen Y

The current trend / happening change in the society is the classification of Gen X feelings, rules and culture and Gen Y feelings, rules and culture. Those born in 1986 are said to be neither Gen X nor Gen Y and I luckily fell sharp into the category.
So what ? Might be a question if you are so freakingly in Gen Y. You know what ? The lucky 1986 borns are the last batch of those who understand the reason behind each Gen X culture / concepts yet we have our own justification on why we need not follow or how to overcome. Logical thinking you see !
When there is a new culture of girls drinking and socializing very much equal to the guys, yes I do believe and agree but we are definitely cautious to follow the trends when with elders or when we are with Gen X. Reason : Let it be Gen X / Y / Z , aging is common for any human and when we experience, we will feel the difference.

Now I might be modern enough in future to accept my kid having love marriage or modern enough to wear any western dress or even ok for homosexual marriage. But who knows, for the upcoming generation after 20 years, a bikini or even topless clothes can be casual for a wedding OR marrying an animal can be revolution in culture..
Oopsi.. Gen Y will become old fashioned during those days… So, WE – the 1986 borns are updated , modern yet logical humans, who knows when to follow which to follow how to follow ! Cheers with a Pride!
Oh yes, its WE – I switched on the light of logic and trend !

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The Internet Language

I was chatting with my new friend on whatsapp and the conversation went on like this

Me : How come you are so calm and composed and so supportive dear ?

She : <blush>

Me : Am not flattering but as I am new to the team, its really nice to have some moral support like you

She : OMG ! I am on cloud 9 <heartin >

Me : U r such a sweetheart baby <2 girls emoticon>

She : < hi fi>

and it goes on….

While leaving , I just realised, if the same conversation had happened in person, how weird AWKward and funny it would have been.. to just express all these emoticons 😉

This new language of chatting has created extra features to express more than the content and oh yeah.. am graduating in the language ! how about you ?