WTFresh : Who else !

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?

All of us want to be in our 16s ? 18s ? max 20s ? not more than that right ? So there is NTR LAL garden in Hyderabad, a Telugu couple of 60s were sitting on a park bench with big distance and faces towards opposite directions, Oh thats a ‘love bird fight’ !

It might be his mistake or her mistake but there is an universal rule for this situation. HE should start the compromise , so did the 60 year male love bird uncle. He tried playing songs in his old model phone, but he missed his glasses at home so acted like searching.

Waiting for something but later realising that uncle is just managing to act, aunty’s anger increased.

Suddenly there played a music “tantenu tantenu tantenu tan tan.. DANCE ” and a boy peeped from some no where else in the park and danced !

Music repeated with same BGM “tantenu tantenu tantenu tan tan.. DANCE ” and girl next tree started dancing. Though most of them in the park realised that its a flash mob arranged then, the little old couple were confused and surprised to see whats happening around!


Aunty saw uncle with “?” in her eyes but her anger overtook her question mark. She urned her face away again. She felt his hands on her shoulders, and like all lady loves, aunty also managed not to turn for uncle’s compromise. Suddenly the hands started playing music on her shoulders as the song said “Dance basandi” and then aunty realised its not her old man.. When he turned fast , it was WOWWWWW

ALLU ARJUN , and the flash mob hero of the day was Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda ! The steps were mesmerising and lively where Anushka caught hold of uncle’s hand and Allu Arjun holded aunty’s hands for their mild steps.

Allu-Arjun-Non-Stop-Dance-for-next-movieWhole crowd of 1000 people looking at them, the love birds were very embarrassed and aunty could not control her pink cheeks, ran to uncle to hide her face.

“Areh babooi” shouted Allu, did his jump and twist and turns of magical dance and continued the performance.


That was one flash mob organised by an NGO , taking care of old age people and they had brought all old people of their shelter home to the park, without opening this surprise. Dedicating the cost to NGO, Allu and Anushka did their magic combo of dance and songs together, it was fun and lovely to watch the entire scene there…

Max Kushi, Max gaana, Max love – thats when you feel Fresh ! #MaxFreshMove


Between Gen X and Gen Y

The current trend / happening change in the society is the classification of Gen X feelings, rules and culture and Gen Y feelings, rules and culture. Those born in 1986 are said to be neither Gen X nor Gen Y and I luckily fell sharp into the category.
So what ? Might be a question if you are so freakingly in Gen Y. You know what ? The lucky 1986 borns are the last batch of those who understand the reason behind each Gen X culture / concepts yet we have our own justification on why we need not follow or how to overcome. Logical thinking you see !
When there is a new culture of girls drinking and socializing very much equal to the guys, yes I do believe and agree but we are definitely cautious to follow the trends when with elders or when we are with Gen X. Reason : Let it be Gen X / Y / Z , aging is common for any human and when we experience, we will feel the difference.

Now I might be modern enough in future to accept my kid having love marriage or modern enough to wear any western dress or even ok for homosexual marriage. But who knows, for the upcoming generation after 20 years, a bikini or even topless clothes can be casual for a wedding OR marrying an animal can be revolution in culture..
Oopsi.. Gen Y will become old fashioned during those days… So, WE – the 1986 borns are updated , modern yet logical humans, who knows when to follow which to follow how to follow ! Cheers with a Pride!
Oh yes, its WE – I switched on the light of logic and trend !

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